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Understanding Your Hiring Needs

At Employment Solutions, we prefer pre-work over re-work. Do your homework before partnering with a staffing agency. Undertanding your hiring needs may set you back a few days, but it will ensure fewer bumps down the road.


After reading our blog post: How To Find a Staffing Expert In Your Industry, you’ve been able to narrow down your choices to agencies you’re considering. Now take a closer look at the types of orders they fill and how they fill them. We’re referring to high quantity orders, and one-off orders; in addition to how quickly they fill the orders and with what quality.

In the staffing industry this means being good at sourcing, screening, and filling high quantity orders, or finding the needle in the haystack, one-off order. Also, each agency has a process that produces quick results or more accurate results. It’s not about choosing either high-quality orders or one-off orders. Focus on finding an agency that provides the right balance of quantity, quality, accuracy, and speed.

What Are Your Goals or Objectives For Using a Staffing Agency?

  • Are you looking to hire a lot of people?
  • Are you looking for a resource to help you find specialized employees?
  • Do you need to bring employees in on short notice?
  • Do you need an agency to provide you with the top talent, regardless of cost and time it takes?
  • Other objective?


  • What volume of people have you typically hired in the past?
  • What volume of people do you forecast needing in the future?

Quality and Accuracy

  • What types of people do you hire?
  • Low skilled workers?
  • Highly skilled workers?
  • Do you have a candidate profile that represents your ideal employee?


  • What has been an acceptable time-frame for the recruiting process?
  • How long can a position be vacant in your company before the cost of lost production outweighs the upside of waiting for a top performer?

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