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At Employment Solutions, we connect you with qualified people and provide solutions that streamline your staffing process and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks. 

Our process allows you to: 

  • Increase productivity 
  • Cut the hiring time and costs 
  • Manage variable staffing demands 
  • Reduce employment risks 
  • Minimize downtime 
  • Increase retention 

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Services Overview:

Employment Solutions temporary staffing services can help you meet project or production goals and quickly fill in for vacations, sick days or busy seasons. Access prescreened workers on-demand without increasing overtime or permanent staff. 

Try an Employment Solutions employee at your location before making a hiring decision. Assess their skills, fit and work ethic on the job and reduce your hiring risk. 

Place the employees of your choice on Employment Solutions’ payroll. We offer payroll processing services and management of benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. You focus on your core tasks and avoid administrative headaches and co-employment risks. Choose Employment Solutions when you consider payroll processing companies. 

Employment Solutions can manage your large temporary workforce at your location. Our on-site manager will recruit, screen and train employees for your facility, manage attendance, timekeeping and payroll, provide reports and conduct employee reviews. 

Employment Solutions can find the right people, and screen and interview them for you, allowing you to choose from only the best. We can help you hire faster and more efficiently. 

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