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Employment Solutions was founded by Francis Freeman in Elmira, NY in 2006. Partners Mike Lee and Dan Mori joined the company by 2007. Together, with our team, we provide recruiting and payroll services to local businesses and quality jobs for quality applicants. 

For office recruitment agencies, manufacturing recruitment agencies or hospitality recruitment agencies throughout the Northeast, trust Employment Solutions. 

Your business is unique. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? 

Identifying talent is tough. Our process makes it a little simpler – and more reliable. By tailoring each step of the hiring and recruiting process to your needs, you get better results.  

We can customize any of these steps: 

  • Application screening 
  • Skills testing 
  • Phone and in-person interviewing 
  • Reference checking 
  • Managing temporaries at your location 

Start your success story today 

We work with employers to truly understand what they need – in-demand skills, and what the people and environment are like. Come into our office so we can review your qualifications and assess your skills. Together we discuss your experience, interests and goals. We find the best match for you based on your background, interests and skills, and the employer’s requirements. You’ll connect with employers for an interview or on-the-job trial. Best of all? We stay in touch with you throughout the assignment to make sure you’re happy, answer any questions you might have and address any challenges that may arise. 

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