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Do I Need a Company LinkedIn Page?

The direct answer is, yes. Most businesses can’t survive without one, but with that said, there are some really good ways that a LinkedIn account can profit nearly any kind of enterprise.


Getting the Word Out
A lot of business use a company LinkedIn page to show off new products, new contracts or other news to a diverse readership. This starts with building your own network of coworkers, former colleagues and others who will probably keep an eye on your profile from time to time. With a proper network setup, you can easily get your messages in front of dozens of readers just by posting relevant content to your LinkedIn page.

Positioning Companies and Professionals
LinkedIn also helps to promote a professional profile, just as it can help promote a company. Individuals in a variety of fields and industries use LinkedIn to position themselves as ‘thought leaders’. For example, a real estate agent can enhance his or her reputation by offering content related to local home prices, procedural aspects of buying or anything else directly pertaining to the industry. The same is true for all other industries, from law to healthcare to marketing, life coaches or finance pros.

Employment Networking with LinkedIn
LinkedIn can also assist in the hiring process. Some companies screen potential applicants through LinkedIn, where they can easily look at that person’s background and other relevant information. In general, professionals use LinkedIn to communicate about what’s happening in an industry, including open jobs or positions at a certain company.

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