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Start Improving Your Leadership Skills Today

 What goes into learning the ropes as a leader and developing the skills that you need to grow within an organization?leadership.png

Learn About Leadership

You can’t ignore the results people get from reading leadership books, videos or accessing other resources that demonstrate how others have been successful. Collect a few books, videos, websites, blog posts throughout the work. Search for topics within leadership that you find interesting. Research company leaders you’d be thrilled to work for. What do they do? What’s their style/ approach to certain situations? Follow leaders on LinkedIn or Twitter. What are their posts about? What is their background? Where did they received leadership training? But if you prefer face-time, you could attend a conference, meet with a consultant or contact nearby colleges and universities for leadership business classes.

Bring Enthusiasm to Management

It’s never too early to start developing leadership skills. If you already have direct reports, be sure you’re developing yourself in that role. Provide incentives to teams under your watch. Be attentive to employee’s problems, suggestions and feedback. Listen to their interests and passions. Observe when your team is most engaged and build on that momentum. Look for ways to make your team more productive and improve communication. Could you delegate more work? Could you eliminate a meeting and send an email instead? Remember that this kind of enthusiasm separates career managers who are “just doing their jobs” from true leaders who have vision.

Take Initiative

Improving your leadership skills means broadening your existing role. Is there a process that could be eliminated or reconstructed? Is there a new market your company could go after? Could there be a more innovative approach to sales and marketing? Might there be a new software that could revolutionize the way your company does business? One improvement or suggestion could lead to huge change for your organization and great success going forward.

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