Find The Right Job

Find the Right Job!

Employment Solutions is your local resource for connecting qualified people with great companies looking to hire. As one of several avenues available to you for finding a job, we would be very happy to assist you in finding the kind of work you are looking for.

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Find The Right Person!

Employment Solutions is your local resource for connecting your company with qualified people. Improve productivity, cut costs, and find the talent you need. Become a client of the most economical staffing agency in the area.

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employee resources

Employee Resources

As an employee hired through Employment Solutions we provide you with secure access to several important documents like your pay stubs, pay records, W-2s, employee handbook, and other helpful documents. We make everything as convenient as possible for you.

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Client Resources

Client Resources

As a client of Employment Solutions we become a virtual extension of your HR and Payroll departments, streamlining your business process, freeing up valuable time for your HR and Accounting personnel, and saving you money associated with workers comp, disability, unemployment, payroll, and W-2 preparation.

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When it comes to Employment, we are the select staffing Solution! Looking to be hired? Looking to hire? Our staffing services involve working closely with client companies and potential employees to find the most mutually beneficial fit.

In these days of a struggling economy, we remain positive, knowing that there are companies who are still hiring and that we can find the right person for the job they are hiring for.  We are also positive that we can help companies cut operational costs through programs like our temp-to-hire and payroll services.

With offices in Elmira, Corning, Binghamton, and Sayre, PA, we serve a large area of the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. We also serve Central New York and the New York Metro area of New Jersey out of our Hanover office.

Begin the positive journey to your next job, or your next hire, with the professional services of Employment Solutions.

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