Parmenter Inc is a growing tire business with expansion everyday looking for more ways to invest in keeping long term employees. We are looking for safety for our employees and well managed compensation programs, while fulfilling in every way possible the struggles of everyday New York state and Pennsylvania compliances. One of the best ways we have found possible is followed by years of great service, friendship and loyalty by a team we met many great years ago known as Employment Solutions.

Employment Solutions has always been a team of great management and integrity and have done everything to treat us with the highest level of respect. They have spent countless hours of stressful but very helpful procedures for safety, compensation, retirement, and all around better employment for our employees and their success with Parmenter Inc. The EMS team has implemented many SOP’s for Parmenter, Inc. and has always looked for ways to cut costs along with being able to give more to the employees of Parmenter, Inc.

EMS has helped with smaller businesses owned in partnerships with Parmenter, Inc such as construction, real estate and waste management to do the same for employees and cost and safety. They have been a great HR department for the growth in our small business. The team at Employment Solutions come with much recommendation and gratitude from the team at Parmenter Inc. A special thanks would always be in favor to Dan Mori, Francis and Trish Freeman, and Mike Lee who have over the years worked so hard to accommodate every need of Parmenter Inc and their priceless employees.

Joseph Parmenter, VP Operations, Parmenter Inc.

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