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4 Retention Strategies to Keep Your Best Employees

Once you’ve found a rock-star employee, you’ll want to keep them around. Retention strategies are often talked about, but not always implemented. Which combination is the right mix for your company?


1.  Employees come first

Everyone in a company needs to feel like they have a certain amount of freedom, creative control and input. This shouldn’t be reserved just for leadership. If employees don’t feel well served, they’ll jump ship.

Giving someone a job isn’t enough to nurture the relationship between the worker and the company. To be really effective and conserve capital, companies need to keep people around long-term. Treat your employees well and they’ll be delighted to extend that treatment to your customers. 

2.  Get organized

One of the most common reasons that people leave companies is disorganization of business goals, unclear employee expectations and poor management . Employees sometimes end up in improper job roles. It can lead to frustrating back-and-forth processes where people blame each other for what’s not done. It pushes too much work onto the plate of the full-time worker who also needs to raise a family or manage a household.

Part of battling high turnover is identifying disorganization,  establishing new processes and turning each department into a well-oiled operation.

3.  Keep it positive

Sometimes it’s just a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bushel. Nobody wants to work with a toxic personality, and a lot of people will vote with their feet when it’s time to deal with workplace conflict.

If you have these types of people in the company and they’re scaring everyone away, it’s a serious issue. Set expectations for behavior. If they can’t meet your expectations, then they should be let go. In the end, it has to happen if there’s any chance of revitalization for the staff roster.

4.  Incentives

Paying people more will often make them stick around, at least in the short term. This is really a last-ditch effort, but sometimes companies can buy themselves a little time to fix some of the above problems by providing better compensation and rewarding long-time work.

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