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How Does Your Staffing Agency Think?

In this industry there’s a wide variety of staffing agencies and solutions to choose from. They are all founded on their own business and operational philosophies, and managed by people with their individual beliefs, perceptions and definitions of success.


2 Schools of Thought

Most agencies are either Sales Minded or Operations Minded. But how can you tell the difference? 

So, how does your staffing agency think? Here are some high level questions to determine which mindset your agency operates under:

  1. Do they have a process? (If they don’t, or can’t explain it to you, it’s unlikely they can duplicate successful placements, or know when or where they need to improve).
  2. When does their process start?
  3. How long does it typically last?
  4. How do they define success within their process?
  5. What metrics do they measure?
  6. What benchmarks do they have?

1. Sales Minded Staffing Agency

This type of agency is typically led by a competitive, numbers driven manager, and focuses on the total number of employees requested. If you request three employees, a Sales Minded agency defines success as filling three employees. Before you celebrate your 100% fill rate, you need to understand that sometimes staffing agencies cut corners or sacrifice quality to make those placements. This doesn’t always happen, but it happens more than it should. And if it has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be. We’ve all worked with people who will do anything to make the sale. If that means sending you the wrong candidate, it can be a huge liability to your company. On the other hand, if the total number of people is what you’re looking for, then this could be a great match.

2. Operations Minded Staffing Agency

This type of agency is typically led by process/results driven managers, and focuses more on skill requirements of the job request, rather than the total number of employees requested. If you request three employees, an Operations Minded agency will define success by the total number of employees that match the job description, hiring criteria or candidate profile that you’ve provided. While this agency may deliver the best candidates, you might get only one or two of your three placements. If finding the right person and reducing turnover matter to you, choosing an agency that honors this process is the way go.

Key takeaway: First define what staffing success is within your company, then choose an agency to help you reach your goals.

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