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Why Hire Millennials for Management Roles

As the American economy rebounds from the financial crisis of 2008, you’ll start to see millennials advance in the workplace and how they work differently than those that came before them.

Confident Use of Technology

This is the most obvious reason when hiring millennials for management roles. They tend to be more technically savvy than their predecessors. This is especially important as businesses across the board gear up to embrace new technologies like cloud computing services, business automation processes, customer relationship management tools and business intelligence systems. In general, millennials tend to have either the knowledge of these systems, or the skills to learn them easily, where as executives of the traditionalist and boomer generations may not.

A New Work Ethic

Some attributes of former generations of workers are punctuality and longevity. By contrast, millennials will not be as likely to show up early or on time, but perhaps work later in the evening. These younger workers have the ability to effectively use smartphones and mobile devices to stay engaged in business 24/7, and respond with agility to customer demands.

A Culture of Climbing

One of the more controversial aspects of the millennial mindset is the idea that instead of staying at a job for life, one should always look for better opportunities, and be willing to transfer or change for a step up in a career field.

Many businesses see this new mindset as a lack of loyalty, but in some cases, this simplification could be shortsighted. Millennials may be less likely to stay for decades, but on the other hand, they’re more likely to be clear and transparent about their demands and get deeply embedded in the corporate culture where they end up. 

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