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Quality Recruiter Equals Quality Job Candidate

You’ve just signed the terms agreement with a reputable staffing firm.  Now, it’s time to leave it up to the professionals, right?  soar.jpeg

 That’s what most companies do. But at Employment Solutions, we think there’s more to consider.

In Laszlo Bock’s book, Work Rules!, he states, “A handful of firms have been particularly helpful over the years, but we’ve found that more important than the firm is the quality of the individual search professionals working with us.” (Bock, 2015, p.84)

At Employment Solutions, we believe it’s important to match the lead recruiter’s strengths to your needs.  Then your working relationship can take flight and soar.

You might be thinking, “Wait, I only get one recruiter?”  Of course not.  Our entire team of recruiters will be working to find your ideal job candidate.  Appointing a lead recruiter is much like being a team captain, keeping your needs top-of-mind for everyone involved.  Plus, having one point of contact is easier for you.

Taking the time to do this initial step is key.  Not only will you get the employee you’re looking for, but it will be a more synergistic experience as well.  The lead recruiter will be able to respond faster and anticipate your needs.  They’ll jive with your communication style, because it’s theirs too.  They’ll know that mornings are best and that PowerPoint slides drive you nuts.

At Employment Solutions we consider the following areas when matching clients to their lead recruiter:

  • personal connection
  • special skills required
  • location of company
  • workload balance
  • personality
  • type of industry/ position

This preliminary match is built into our on-boarding process to provide you the best possible service.

We know it’s not easy to find the people you need.  It’s a long journey that requires attention, stamina and patience.  Assigning the right recruiter to your project is like getting an upgraded seat on a flight.  First class sure beats economy when you’re traveling all the way to Hawaii.

Feel free to stop in and meet our recruiters anytime.

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