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4 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Staffing Agency

Companies that want temporary labor or other staffing services have a lot of options. So, how do they choose partnerships that will support them in the best way possible?

 Choosing the perfect Staffing Agency

1.  Evaluate A Firm’s Experience

Choosing the perfect staffing agency starts with knowing who’s been around for a while. These agencies started their business on solid ground, and were able to keep their ships afloat. By doing some basic research, you’ll be able to see how long a staffing service has been active in a local area. The length of time is important, because as the company grows, it develops more business relationships and a better understanding of how commerce works in a specific city, town or metro area.

2.  Ask the Big Questions Up Front

Don’t be afraid to ask important questions, interview-style if necessary, to get a better idea of how things will work practically after you’ve chosen a partnering staffing service.

What are these big questions?

That depends on what’s important to you. You may want to ask about fee-for-service pricing, orientation services, or how workers will be screened and vetted before they arrive at your facility. You may want to know about specific industry questions related to your field. Write down a short list, and use it as you’re shopping around for a staffing service.

3.  Check the Fine Print

Look at your service level agreement or proposed contract closely. Comb through the document for any restrictive or rigid requirements that might be a problem for you down the road. For example, if the staffing service company has created a long list of requirements for getting people on-site, this might end up being cumbersome to your internal process, so you’ll want to talk about it before the contract is set in stone.

4.  Figure Out Communications

Many business partnerships fail because there aren’t clear channels of communication. Don’t just settle for an agreement on a piece of paper. Figure out exactly which recruiters you’ll be talking to if there’s a question or problem. Ask for their direct line and a person who will be your liaison between this third-party business and your own. Without this, things can get problematic really quickly.

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