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4 Ways to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Staffing Services

At Employment Solutions we’ve seen a lot of situations where business leaders benefited from telling staff up-front about how temporary staffing services can help enhance business operations.



Here are some ways to keep your in-house people fully informed and prepared to embrace working with a temporay staffing service. 

1.  Clear Delineation of Work Tasks
Your existing staff members have their own particular job duties and roles to fulfill — and adding temporary people may or may not change that. You’ll want to stress to existing staffers what kinds of jobs temporary workers will be doing — and what they will not be doing. This allows your people to understand what they will be responsible for when these new people come in.

2.  Clarify Training Procedures
One of the biggest questions that your existing workers may ask you to is “do I have to train them?” – additional training can be a big burden, and a significant time investment for on-site people. So before you hire temporary workers, think about whether this training will be provided for, and how you can delegate it in a way that works for everyone, to have a realistic picture of how things are going work out.

3.  Show the Benefits
Another way to prepare staff, and a good way to get people enthusiastic about temp workers, is to show how the additional influx of labor will make everyone’s lives easier. Do some research and present how new workers will increase productivity, and what kinds of opportunities their participation will open up for managers and others who are already on staff. For example, identify concrete plans for deploying temporary workers, and show how that’s going to have an effect on the full-time job roles that are already on board.

4.  Discuss Orientation
Your new temporary workers will be more effective when they are fully informed about their work environment. In addition to talking to your staff about training new people, talk to them about what they want new people to know about the work place. Your workers can give you detailed input that will be incredibly useful as you bring temps on board, explaining to them what’s going on in each individual department or area.

Having initial talks with existing staff makes hiring temporary workers much easier and much more rewarding. With these simple steps in place, the incoming people will be able to attach themselves to the work operations and thrive, while your existing in-house teams will be able to derive benefits from having the new people in place.

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