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6 Ways To Boost Temporary Employee Performance

Getting temporary workers in the door isn’t where a manager’s job ends. Motivation is just as important for these newbies as it is for long-term veterans of a particular business. In fact, it might be more important, because without it, these people are just day workers for hire, with no skin in the game.


Temporary Employee Performance

Here are some temporary employee performance incentives that we’ve found helpful as an Elmira NY staffing services company.

Food and Drink

One easy way to create an incentive on the job is to buy lunch. This is a very immediate and direct incentive — and temp workers need immediate incentives, because they may or may not be around for the long haul. 

Gift Cards

Starbucks, Target, etc. Most of us shop at the same places, and gift cards can be a universal way to express appreciation for temporary employees during their stay.

Employee Discounts

It can also be very effective to give temp workers immediate access to staff discounts. This makes them feel a sense of loyalty, like they are aligned with the business, because they’re getting its products and services at a reduced rate. It can even lead them to remain involved over the long term.


What’s better than getting a bonus for good work? Even though these windfalls can end up being taxed at a higher rate, they are a very effective psychological incentive. A bonus at the holidays or any other time shows that a company appreciates the hard work that employees do — and that extends to temp people as well.

Time Off

Time off is an incentive that may or may not work as well for temp people. You have to be careful about it, because they haven’t been around that long. Also, a lot of temp people are looking for more hours, not less, to feed their families. Many of them are scrambling to get long-term, solidly gainful employment. Regardless, allowing for some time off is another form of incentive that can work for any type of worker, including temps.


Many companies offer advancement opportunities to long-term temps. Again, this can help to people involved, and motivate them to do more within the company. For instance, some companies use a ‘levels’ approach, where employees who conduct meetings, or take other initiatives, start to rise through the ranks, gaining a higher wage and more responsibility within the business.

Take a look at any of these types of incentives to reward good work, attract people, and keep talent loyal for the years ahead. For more, check out our Employment Solutions blog as we continue to bring useful, current tips for companies in the Elmira, NY area.


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